Water Level Logger

Water Level Logger

The Automatic Water Level Logger is a sophisticated unit for automatically recording water height at pre-programmed time intervals for up to two years. It can be used for measuring soil conductivity, monitoring the height of water in rivers, or measuring flow rates etc. The data is downloaded directly onto a PC without the need of further equipment. The software provides a graphical display of the water level. It also gives the maximum and minimum values, and allows the user to export the data into a spreadsheet. The probe has been redesigned so that it can be placed directly into the water without the need of a protective tube. The unit includes a robust protective housing.



Water table height range:  0 to 1 metre (or as required)
Accuracy:  <0.5% (normal operating conditions)
Battery life:  > 2 year


Resolution:  5 mm
Information stored:  Water depth; time and date of reading; identifying text
Data retention:  Indefinite, even when battery is removed
Logging Interval:  1 minute to 10 days
Logging period:  Up to 2 years
Software:  IBM PC or compatible; file output compatible with spreadsheet formats (e.g. Excel); graphical and statistical output


Transducer tube: 35 mm (diam.) x 1300 mm (or as required)
Control box: 180 mm x 180 mm x 140 mm


Logger indicator: Flashes every 4 secs. when logging in progress


Read switch: Activates battery check


Display box:  4 AA lithium batteries
Logger:  1/2 AA Lithium battery


The logger lead connects the logger to the USB on the PC.


If required the logger can be downloaded in the field with a laptop. As an option, the logger section can be disconnected for remote downloading and replaced with
another logger.