Satellite Data Logger

Key Features 

  • Fully automated remote data retrieval, eliminating the need to visit the counter.
  • Can be configured to transmit information at specific logging intervals or under certain conditions.
  • Regular battery status messages and alerts can be set.
  • Fully battery operated running from 4 x D size Energizer batteries. Provides a 2 year battery life.
  • Available with recycled plastic post or protective housing options only. Both incorporated into the housing, providing a robust and discrete solution.
  • Can be configured to provide locational updates for units that may be moved between various locations.


Utilizing both GPS and Low Earth Orbiting satellite networks, the battery operated data logger is capable of sending current position information as well as accumulated count messages and battery status.  Logging intervals are specified by the user prior to installation to determine how often data is transmitted and/or under specific conditions such as exceeded limits or location changes.  All information is transmitted , processed and stored in an offsite server. This data is then extracted and formatted into a report at a frequency specified by the user.

The logger is initially configured to record information at specific times of day—typically every 4 hours from 6am unless otherwise requested. With this configuration, the total footfall can be recorded for the morning afternoon and evening. However, the device can also be configured to provide hourly logging intervals for a more detailed report.

Consisting of 32 LEO satellites, the communication network provides reliable global coverage  without having to point at a specific point in the sky or rely on mobile network signal strength.

 The satellite datalogger provides a  fully remote method of data download, eliminating the need to visit the counter and download manually.