RadioBeam People-Horse Counter (RBPH)


The RadioBeam™ People-Horse Counter (RBPH) is a double-sided, battery-operated unit that differentiates between horse riders and walkers. It is suitable for paths up to 5 metres wide.

Features & Benefits

  • Separately counts horse riders and walkers
  • Features our well proven RadioBeam™ technology to provide reliable and accurate counting in all weather conditions
  • Long battery life
  • Suitable for all types of paths including paved
  • Installed with no path disturbance
  • Self-calibrating for optimum performance
  • Units are positioned on either side of a path with no cabling between the units.
  • No visible sensors to be kept clean or attract the public
  • No maintenance
  • Highly vandal resistant with security tool required for access
  • Available in protective housingmetal posts, or recycled plastic posts
  • Available with six-digit display or datalogger 


Technology RadioBeam
Track or Entrance Width 5 metres
Unit Construction Robust polycarbonate
Dimensions Transmitter: 80 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm
Receiver: 120 mm x 122 mm x 55 mm
Waterproofing IP66
Batteries 4 AA lithium (2 years operation) or 2 PP3 lithium (1 year operation)
Indicators & Controls Transmitter: Battery check LED
Receiver: 6 digit LCD counters (if supplied without logger or wireless), beam strength and battery check LED, magnetic switch to reset counter, magnetic switch to turn on LEDs
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes
OtherOpen collector output
Installation Options
Protective HousingYes
Recycled Plastic PostsYes
Galvanised Steel Posts (can be painted)Yes