RadioBeam People-Car Counter (RBXPC)

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The RadioBeam™ People-Car Counter (RBXPC) is a double-sided unit suitable for entrances up to 12 metre wide that will separately count people and cars. It is designed to be used where cars drive slowly past the counter.

Features & Benefits

  • Counts cars and pedestrians individually
  • Unique and proven RadioBeam™ technology
  • Small and inconspicuous units
  • No external sensors, cables, switches
  • Beam passes through wood, plastic, etc
  • No surface disturbance during install
  • Reliable all-weather operation
  • Highly accurate counting
  • Ideal for hard and soft tracks and entrances/exits
  • Easily hidden from view
  • Long battery life - no other maintenance
  • Vandal resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Available in protective housing or metal posts
  • Available with six-digit display or datalogger


Technology RadioBeam
Track or Entrance Width 12 metres or 40 feet maximum
Unit Construction Polycarbonate
Dimensions Transmitter: 80 mm x 80 mm x 55 mm
Receiver: 120 mm x 122 mm x 55 mm
Waterproofing BS IP67
Batteries 4 AA lithium (2 years operation) or 2 PP3 lithium (1 year operation)
Indicators & Controls Transmitter: Battery check LED
Receiver: 6 digit LCD counter (if supplied without logger or wireless), beam strength and battery check LED, magnetic switch to reset counter, magnetic switch to turn on LED
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes
OtherOpen collector output
Installation Options
Protective HousingYes
Recycled Plastic Postsn/a
Galvanised Steel Posts (can be painted)Yes