RadioBeam™ Technology

We developed the RadioBeam technology over 16 years ago specifically to provide the optimum technical solution for outdoor counting. We are the sole manufacturers of this technology in the UK.

The features of this technology include:

  • Reliable and accurate counting in all weather conditions including the most adverse (rain, snow, sleet, hail, fog, etc)
  • Unaffected by temperature, humidity, altitude
  • No external sensors to get dirty or attract attention
  • Narrow beam gives good discrimination
  • No mechanical sensors and no cabling requirements
  • Low battery consumption with most units having battery life of 1 year
  • Long term reliability - units have been operational in Sweden for 15 years
  • Long sensing distances - up to 20 metres for people, 3 metres for bikes, 12 metres for cars
  • Highly configurable to provide range of counting solutions for both single and multi-category counting (people, bikes, horses, cars)
  • Beam passes through plastic, etc so the counting system is fully contained within protective housing or posts. Signs can be put on the post or housing to disguise the unit.
  • There is no aperture in housing or posts
  • Can be installed discretely
  • No maintenance other than infrequent battery changes