Proximity Indoor People Counter (MIR7P)

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The Proximity Indoor People Counter - MIR7P is a single-sided, battery-operated unit that is normally positioned above the entrance, but can also be installed on one side.  Suitable for entrances up to 1 metre wide for overhead position or up to 1.8 metres wide for side mounted. It is supplied with security screws so that the unit cannot be removed without using the supplied security tool. Our MIR7P counter is in widespread use in visitor centres, shops, public facilities, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Narrow beam with small spread provides good discrimination between pedestrians - only a small gap is required for accurate counting
  • Detection distance is 1 metre down (overhead installation) to 1.8 metres (side installation)
  • Beam passes through glass
  • Long life battery life
  • Strong polycarbonate housing that is waterproof to IP65
  • Available with six-digit display, datalogger, LAN output, or as a wireless system


Technology Infra-red
Track or Entrance Width Detection range is up to 1 metre (overhead mounting) and up to 1.8 metres (side mounting) from sensor
Unit Construction Polycarbonate box
Dimensions 120 mm x 80mm x 56mm
Batteries 1 C size 3.6V lithium (life approximately 8 years)
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes