Posts are the optimal vandal-proof option and are most popular in remote areas, or areas which do not already have structures in place.  We can supply galvanised metal posts (which can be painted), or recycled plastic posts.

Features and Benefits

  • All elements of the counting system are contained within the posts.
  • Easy access for downloading data and battery change.
  • Security tools (supplied) are required to access the counting system within the post.
  • Fits into the natural or urban environment.
  • No maintenance.
  • Highly vandal-resistant.
  • There is a circular polyethylene disc on the front of the post. This can be covered with a waterproof waymark label (supplied on request).
  • Counters are easily moved between posts and additional posts can be supplied for this purpose.


Metal Posts:

Constructed of 3 mm galvanised steel.

Access plate is 3 mm galvanised steel held in position with security screws.

Particularly suited for urban and semi-urban areas, or areas of particularly high vandalism.

Can be painted

Installed ~ 0.7 m above ground.

Dimensions: Standard: 1050mm X 150mm X 120mm Extra Large: 1500mm X W:180mm X D:180mm (varies depending on unit).

Recycled Plastic Posts:

Made from 100% recycled material

Dark brown wood-like appearance

Access plate is brown stainless steel held in position with security screws.

Particularly suited for rural and semi-rural areas.

Installed ~ 1 m above ground.

Dimensions: 1400 x 120 x 120 mm.