Indoor Step Counter



The Indoor Step Counter is an indoor version of our well-established outdoor step counter and is particularly useful for indoor locations where doors open inwards.  The sensor detects the small changes in pressure when footfall occurs. A signal is sent to the control box where it is analysed and the counter is activated. The sensitivity is easily adjusted by the user. 

Features & Benefits

  • Separation distance to match door width 
  • Battery operated with a long battery life (minimum of one year, longer available)
  • Unaffected by bright sunlight
  • No maintenance other than infrequent battery changes
  • Control box can be supplied with vandal resistant metal housing and/or free-standing black metal posts
  • Incorporates filtering to maximise counting accuracy between individual
  • Small and inconspicuous
  • Adjustable sensitivity enabling it to be installed under many carpet/rug types
  • Tolerates high static load
  • Available with six-digit display, datalogger, LAN output, or as a wireless system


Technology Electronic sensor with filtering and sensitivity control
Track or Entrance Width Width of doorway
Unit Construction Discrete pressure sensor mounted under entrance mat connected via cable to control box
Dimensions Sensor: 40 x 25cm; Control Box:12 x 8 x 6cm
Batteries 1 x 9v PP3 Alkaline battery (1 year life) Or 9v PP3 lithium battery (2 year life)
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes