GSM Wireless

Key Features 

  • Fully automatic data download via GSM, ideal for remote applications
  • All data transmitted to a secure server and displayed in a personal web portal
  • No manual data collection or interaction with the unit, simply specify the logging interval required prior to installation
  • Simple to install with no additional software requirements
  • Online battery monitoring capabilities allowing the user to determine when infrequent maintenance may be required



The GSM datalogger utilizes GSM communication protocols to automatically store and transmit data from the counter. Information is sent from the counter to a secure server where it is then processed and displayed on a personal web portal. The data is displayed graphically and in tables with accurate date and time stamps for each event. Prior to installation, both the frequency in which the client wishes to log data (ranging from 10 minutes to 12 hours) and the upload period in which information is sent to the server is specified. Webpage features allow the user to download data for use in alternative software such as Excel. Both the GSM modem and Counter have individual cases which are housed in a single recycled plastic post or protective housing, providing a system highly waterproof and vandal resistant.  

The system consists of the following:

  • A counter with single GSM Wireless module
  • A battery with optional solar cell
  • A secure web interface where data can be viewed
  • All elements of the logging system are contained within a recycled plastic post or protective housing.