Gate Counter (GC-1)


The GC-1 gate counter counts the number of times a gate opens. This counter is an accurate people counter if used on kissing gates etc. It uses a small sensor which is easily hidden from sight. The circuitry eliminates false counts that might otherwise be caused by the gate bouncing as it closes. The counter has a very low current consumption and the unit can run for over 2 years without the need for changing the battery.

Features & Benefits

  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • High specification proximity switch and advanced electronic filtering to provide accurate counting
  • Best for ‘kissing’ gates or other types of doors where only one person can pass through the entrance each time the gate or door is opened
  • Low power consumption with long battery life
  • Simple and low cost outdoor counting solution
  • No on-going maintenance other than battery change
  • Small control box that can be supplied in protective housing or post
  • Data collection via six-digit display or datalogger



Technology Magnetic proximity switch
Track or Entrance Width Sensing distance >2.5 cm
Unit Construction Waterproof polycarbonate
Batteries 9 volt lithium PP3 (2 years life) or AA lithium (4 years life)
Indicators & Controls Battery check LED
Detection LED
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes
Installation Options
Protective HousingYes (control box)
Recycled Plastic PostsYes (control box)
Galvanised Steel Posts (can be painted)Yes (control box)