Directional Infrared People Counter (DIRB)


The Directional Infrared People Counter (DIRB) is a battery-operated, directional counter, suitable for entrances up to 4 metres wide.  It is available in multiple models, including counting numbers in, counting numbers in and out, and displaying the number of people in the room.  The system consists of a transmitter and receiver that are placed on either side of the entrance. Powered by two 3.6V C size lithium batteries, the unit can operate for 7 years before they require replacement. A single narrow infrared beam is transmitted across the entrance where two receiver LEDs are used to detect the direction of movement. It operates effectively in all indoor conditions, including strong sunlight.

Features & Benefits

  • Configurable to count people passing in both directions or only one direction
  • Can be configured to display number of people in building
  • 6 metre sensing distance
  • Robust construction
  • Battery operated
  • Unaffected by bright sunlight
  • Optional output available for interfacing to other systems
  • Supplied in strong polycarbonate boxes
  • Available with six-digit display, datalogger, LAN output, or as a wireless system


Technology Dual receiving, fast pulse, narrow beam infra-red
Track or Entrance Width 6 metres maximum
Unit Construction Polycarbonate box
Dimensions Receiver unit: 120mm x 122mm x 60mm; Transmitter unit: 120mm x 80mm x 60mm
Batteries 2 x 3.6V C Size Lithium Battery - 7 year life
Indicators & Controls Magnetic switch for battery and alignment indicators; 2 LED indicators for signal strength; 1 LED indicator for battery health
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes