Dip-well Probe

The dip-well probe is designed to accurately determine the position of the top of the water table. The probe senses the water level by detecting the change in internal reflection of a light source which is encapsulated in the probe tip. This detection method gives very reliable and trouble free operation. Detection sensor is attached to a flexible cable which is lowered into the dip-well.  To operate the Probe, the tip is lowered into the well and when the tip reaches the water level an audible signal is produced. The position where the cable is level with the surface is then marked, and the distance from this mark to the end of the probe is then measured. The entire unit is waterproof and is very robust.


Probe Tip:  Cable length 5 metres (or as required)
Diameter of probe housing: 25 mm
Construction:  Fully encapsulated
Detection method:  I.R. reflective
Control box:  Waterproof polycarbonate
Power supply:  9v Alkaline battery (e.g. Duracell MN1604)
Battery Life:  40 hrs
Audible output:  High output waterproof transducer
Indicator:  Low battery alert


Automatic recording

We can also supply fully automatic water table level measuring equipment, which can be set to record the level at predetermined intervals.