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The data logger gives you date/time count information that is easily downloaded onto a computer to give usage count data related to hour, day, month, etc. The download of the data is done using a USB cable from the logger to the PC/laptop.

The download of the data is easy and can be undertaken in-situ or in the office, or the loggers can be swapped in the field. The connection between the logger and the PC is a simple USB download lead, and the download of data and ‘re-launch’ of the logger does not normally take longer than 10 minutes. The data from multiple counters can be downloaded into a single file for easy comparison between entrances/sites.

The software is Windows-based and intuitive. It provides a graphical view of the data when the logger is connected, providing immediate feedback. It also provides basic statistics (maximum, average counts, etc) and a table of the data. However, most customers export the data as a *.csv file for import to other programmes such as Excel or their management information system.

Chambers Electronics have been working closely for many years with Gemini Data Loggers who supply their very reliable data loggers and logger software for many of our counters. Gemini Data Loggers also manufacture data loggers for monitoring other parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and power usage.

Features & Benefits

  • Records counts per time period so that counts are associated with a date and time
  • Time periods are defined by user during set-up and can range from minutes to hours.
  • Counters are ‘named’ so that data from multiple locations is easily monitored. Names can be changed during set-up.
  • The logger has a large data storage capacity allowing infrequent download of data of up to two years.
  • Logger has long battery life and always retains data.
  • Data is held securely from the public and cannot be tampered with.


Unit Construction Polycarbonate or internal to unit (all indoor counters)
Dimensions 60mm x 50 mm x 35 mm
Waterproofing BS IP67
Batteries One ½ AA lithium (life > 2 years)
Indicators & Controls ‘Logging in progress’ LED