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A high performance wireless system for transmitting count data to a receiver attached to the LAN or directly to a PC is available for some of our indoor counters. The wireless system is recommended in situations where real-time data is required or where the count information is required from the counters remotely over the LAN.  The range is at least 100m on a clear line of sight; and 200m can be supplied if required.

The system consists of:

  • one or more wireless-enabled counters which are fitted with a radio transmitter
  • one receiver which is attached to the LAN or directly to the PC with the supplied USB lead

The transmitters send data continuously to the PC running the software where current data is displayed and the software automatically uploads the number of counts with a date/time stamp on an hourly interval to a .csv file. The PC must be on continually to log the data.

All units are battery operated, but can be mains powered if required.

If a LAN connection is used then any PC on the network can run the program that receives the count data.