Car Counters

Car Counters

We offer two types of car counter for use at car parks or entrances to visitor attractions, etc. One is a single-sided counter that detects cars when they come close to the sensor using magnetometer technology.  The other is a double-sided unit that uses RadioBeam™ technology.  Both counters are battery-operated and are easy to install.

RadioBeam Car Counter – RBXC-EB

The RadioBeam Car Counter (RBXC-EB) is a double-sided unit with a low battery consumption suitable for entrances up to 12 metres wide and designed to count cars entering car parks etc. This RBXC-EB has a 7 year battery life. The counter consists of a transmitter and receiver which are placed on either side of the entrance. It is very easy to install. This counter ignores pedestrians walking past....

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AutoMag Car Counter

The AutoMag Car Counter is a single-sided, battery operated system with a 2 metre detection distance. This design is very easy to install, there is no need to dig up the road surface as the unit is placed beside the road. It counts cars by sensing the change in magnetic field as they pass....

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