RadioBeam Bicycle Counter RBB


The RadioBeam™ Bicycle Counter RBB is a battery-operated, double-sided unit suitable for counting cyclists across path widths of up to 2 metres. It can be used on all path surfaces. The RBB bicycle counter counts cyclists and ignores pedestrians. All bikes are detected irrespective of whether they are constructed of steel or alloy. 

The counter consists of 2 self-contained units that are placed on either side of the path. There is no need to dig a trench in the path or road and the unit can be installed very quickly. The unit uses advanced metal detecting technology to reliably count alloy and steel bicycles as they pass between the units. The units are robust and fully waterproof.

Features & Benefits

  • Counts all cyclists and ignores pedestrians
  • Available in a directional model
  • Reliably counts in all weather conditions
  • Suitable for all types of paths including paved or hard core
  • Installed with no path disturbance
  • Self-calibrating for optimum performance
  • No cabling between the units
  • No visible sensors to be kept clean or attract the public
  • No maintenance and long battery life
  • Protective housing model has all elements contained within housing, including the bike antenna
  • Metal post model is extremely vandal proof and uses an external antenna that is buried next to the path
  • Highly vandal resistant with security tool required to open either the housing or the post
  • Available in protective housing or metal posts
  • Data collection via six-digit display or datalogger 


Technology RadioBeam
Description Transmitter & receiver placed on each side of the path. Installed in either housing (bike antenna internal) or posts (bike antenna external).
Track or Entrance Width 2 metres maximum
Unit Construction Robust polycarbonate
Waterproofing BS IP67
Batteries Transmitter: 8 D cells alkaline (life >12 months for standard settings); Receiver: 4 D cells alkaline (life >12 months)
Indicators & Controls Transmitter: battery check LED
Receiver: 6 digit LCD display (with display model), signal detection LED, bike detection LED, sensitivity control, battery check LED, magnet switch to turn on LEDs, magnet reset switch (display model)
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes
OtherOpen collector output
Installation Options
Protective HousingYes
Recycled Plastic Postsn/a
Galvanised Steel Posts (can be painted)Yes