AutoMag Car Counter

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The AutoMag Car Counter is a single-sided, battery operated system with a 2 metre detection distance. With only one protective housing to mount by the roadside, the unit is very easy to install as there are no external loops or cables to burry under the road surface. Vehicles are detected using magneto-resistive technology to sense a change in the ambient magnetic field.  The device is specific for vehicles and does not detect pedestrians. A rotary dial allows the user to adjust sensitivity over various distances.

Features & Benefits

  • Utilises sophisticated magneto resistive technology
  • Reliable all-weather operation
  • Does not detect pedestrians
  • Automatic tuning for optimum performance
  • Long battery life of 7 years.
  • Easy to install with no surface disturbance during install
  • Control box supplied in post or protective housing
  • Data collection via six-digit display or datalogger
  • Can be supplied as mains-operated


Technology Magnetometer
Track or Entrance Width 2 Metres
Unit Construction Control unit: Polycarbonate
Magneto-Resistive: Fully encapsulated in one protective housing
Dimensions Control unit: 22 cm x 20 cm x 100 cm
Waterproofing BS IP68
Batteries 1 D size Lithium (lasting up to 7 years)
Indicators & Controls Control box: 6 digit LCD counter (if supplied without data logger), battery check LED, vehicle detection LED, sensitivity control, push button switch to perform battery check
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes
OtherOpen collector output
Installation Options
Protective HousingYes
Recycled Plastic Postsn/a
Galvanised Steel Posts (can be painted)Yes