About Us

About Us

Chambers Electronics was established in 1987 to provide an electronic design service for universities, research organisations and industry, and to manufacture a range of specialised electronic instruments.

Since 1992, Chambers Electronics have specialised in the design and manufacture of outdoor and indoor people counters. We developed the RadioBeam technology to provide an innovative and unique range of high quality outdoor trail counters that operate under all weather conditions. We are the only manufacturers of RadioBeam counters.

Our range of indoor counters includes battery and mains operated indoor counters. Our outdoor counters include people, bicycle, car and horse counters as well as multi-category counters such as our bicycle-people counter that count each category of user separately.

Our counters can be provided with data loggers or wireless connection to a PC to facilitate the detailed data analysis important for monitoring and management information.

We liaise with our customers to ensure they have the counter that meets their requirements, and we often customise systems for their specific needs.

Additional products that we have developed and manufacture include water table monitors that automatically monitor water levels. Our long established ‘Retriever System’ that is an electronic system for permanently and precisely marking positions on the ground such as vegetation monitoring quadrats or archaeological sites.

We provide a consultancy service for the design of electronic equipment and computer controlled systems for specialist applications and niche markets. This has included automated welding equipment for the NASA fuel tanks and equipment for monitoring animal behaviour.

We are based in Scotland and we routinely ship our products, provide support and consultancy services throughout the UK and worldwide.