Dual Beam People Counter (DBPC)

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The Dual Beam people counter (DBPC) is a mains-operated, directional counter, suitable for entrances up to 4 metres wide.  It is available in multiple models, including counting numbers in, counting numbers in and out, and displaying the number of people in the room.  The system consists of a control unit and reflector that are placed on either side of the entrance. The system uses dual fast-pulse narrow infra-red beams to detect the direction of movement. It operates effectively in all indoor conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Configurable to count people passing in both directions or only one direction
  • Can be configured to display number of people in building
  • 4 metre sensing distance
  • Robust construction
  • Mains or 12 volt operation
  • Unaffected by bright sunlight
  • Optional output available for interfacing to other systems
  • Supplied in strong polycarbonate boxes
  • Available with six-digit display, datalogger, LAN output, or as a wireless system


Technology Infra-red
Track or Entrance Width 4 metres
Unit Construction Polycarbonate box
Dimensions Control unit: 122 mm x 80 mm x 86 mm; Reflector: Diameter = 83 mm
Indicators & Controls Magnetic switch to reset counter; 2 LEDs for aligning reflector
Data Collection
Data LoggerYes