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Electronic Design and Instrumentation Specialist

Established 1987


A & P Chambers Ltd

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Chambers Electronics have been designing and manufacturing people counting solutions for over 20 years and have developed the RadioBeam technology for reliable and maintenance free trail counting under all weather conditions.

  • Automated people counting systems for trails and indoor applications including counters using the well proven RadioBeam™ technology that we developed.

  • Bike Counters and Car Counters

  • Water level loggers

  • Retriever System (electronic marking system)

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US flag     Are you in the US?  If so contact our partner Trail Counters in California at


We have formed a partnership with Counter Technology, their website is:

Counter Technology will supply and install  our outdoor and indoor counting systems and provide a data collection service. They can also provide detailed statistical data analysis on the data from our counters. The geographical area of coverage for Counter Technology is England and Wales.




New Products
New data logger with increased capacity
New bike and people counter


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Horse Counters

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People Counters

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Bike Counters

Bike Counters

Water Level Measurement

Water Level Measurement

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Registerd in Scotland No. 100998

Company VAT number: 456 3237 45

Directors: A.R.M. Chambers (BSc) P.L. Chambers (BA, MSc, PhD)


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